How To Choose the Right Bath Salts for A Soak

Bath salts are soluble scented salts that are added to water to be used for bathing. Bath salts have many essential benefits which your skin can enjoy.  They relieve stress, achy muscles, and improve skin tone and texture. They also help to cleanse the skin.

It is important to take note that bath salts differ from table salt. Table salt is used for foods, and it undergoes a process to achieve a fine texture, and when it happens, the minerals present in the sea salt are lost. We need to take note of this difference for us not to be confused about this.

Did you know that there is a variety of bath salts to choose from? But with so many of them available in the market, how would you choose bath salts suitable for your skin type.

Here are some tips for choosing the right bath salts for a soak:

  • Choose natural bath salts

It is best to choose natural bath salts made from real sea salt for you to enjoy its natural benefits, and it is safer and healthier for the skin. These natural bath salts are pure. That’s why it is most likely to retain its best ingredients.

  • Choose salt with crystalline grains

Crystalline bath salts have a clearer structure, which is better because fewer additives are added to them and are most likely to be natural. It also doesn’t cause skin dryness. We should be wary of rock salts as they might damage your skin.

  • Grain size matters

Bath salt with finer grains is more effective than coarse grains because they are very effective for being used as a body scrub and can be easily dissolved.

  • Check their colours

To enjoy the benefits of bath salts fully, it is important to take note that their colours have meanings that may affect your desired result in using bath salt. Warm colour has energising effects, while cool colours have a soothing effect. With either of the two, you can have a soothing bath soak experience.

  • Know their types

To fully enjoy that bath experience, we must first know its types which have a variety of uses. Whatever it is that you want to achieve to have that amazing bath experience, you should take note of its uses. Epsom salts are used for the relief of muscle pain and cramps; Dead Sea salt is used for bath soak and body scrub, while Himalayan bath salt is for skin and body detox.

  • Purchase bath salts from a trusted source

Having a reliable source where you purchased these bath salts ensures the product’s quality and safe use. You can find this in pharmacies or in some spas where they have good products. You could also purchase products at your favourite stores; just look for natural brands. You could also sort some checklists of trusted shops and legit distributors of that product to ensure an authentic product and avoid counterfeit products.

  • Pick those high in salts

Bath salts with a high salt content will encourage the absorption of essential minerals, promoting a relaxing bath experience. Because they undergo less processing, the minerals are retained in them.

  • Choose bath salts with low fragrance

Low fragrance bath salts are way safer than those with higher fragrances. Though humans have higher fragrance tolerance, it is still important to avoid bath salts with high fragrance as it is one of the causes of skin irritation. Even though others love those bath salts with a higher fragrance, we must not put at risk our skin.

  • Free from dyes and glitter bath salts

Choose bath salts without dyes and glitter. Dyes and glitter are not good for the skin because they can cause skin abrasion or irritation.

You can have a wonderful bath experience just like what costly spa treatment offers just by choosing the right bath salt to use. There are various bath salts to choose from, but we need to be wiser to choose what is good and safer for our skin. You can’t resist adding these bath salts to your beauty regime the moment you soak in a relaxing and soothing bath with its amazing benefits. Choosing the right bath salt is vital for your skincare. You’ll be amazed how these bath salts will help to greatly improve your skin; this is one of the beauty essentials you must have.

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